The FinSec Navigator Group is a highly qualified financial sector advisory firm headquartered in Washington, D.C.
FinSec consists of highly knowledgeable and experienced principals as well as a cadre of former senior level regulators and bankers. We can provide unparalleled advice and assistance to both bank managers as well as bank equity investors or bank asset purchasers seeking to navigate the highly regulated financial sector.

Quick Bank Peer Review
With a changing economic, technological and regulatory environment, it has become more important than ever for community banking organizations to understand how other institutions are performing - both within their local and other markets as they plan their future strategies. Obtaining relevant and current information however can be difficult and/or expensive. For these reasons, FinSec collaborated with an affiliated technology company to develop an affordable new tool called the Quick Bank Peer Review or QBPR. This software application was specifically designed to provide banks valuable customized peer group performance information. To learn more, please click on the Quick Bank Peer Review tab above.
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