James B. Lockhart
Vice Chairman
WL Ross & Company LLC

"FinSec is a high quality operation that we have relied upon many times over the past year to help us evaluate investment opportunities. Their principals are very knowledgeable and have been very responsive to our needs, often with very short notice. FinSec has provided us highly experienced experts who consistently provide us with valuable advice. I would strongly recommend them to banks and investors looking for help in navigating the complex financial sector. "
Lewis S. Ranieri
Ranieri Partners Management LLC

"FinSec is an excellent firm that brings together a top notch group of talented and creative individuals. They understand how the financial system works; the drivers, the challenges and the opportunities."
Michael B. DeNoma
President and CEO
Chinatrust Commercial Bank

"As the President and CEO of a major international bank based in Taipei, Taiwan, I found FinSec's experts and their advice regarding our US banking operations to be highly insightful and valuable. They show a solid understanding of our objectives and have helped us design and accomplish the steps to meet those objectives. I highly recommend them. "
David T. Provost
Chairman, President and CEO
First Michigan Bank

"Thanks for the quick response in providing your highly experienced experts to help us evaluate our bank investment opportunities. Keep the team handy...never know what's next."
Richard H. Deihl
Former Chairman & CEO
H. F. Ahmanson & Company

"As a former head of a major banking organization with firsthand experience with FinSec principals, I was very pleased with the caliber and responsiveness of the FinSec experts."